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Jan 28, 2021

Maaaaan this guy D'lai came thru and acted a donkey!! He talks about his hilarious start, and his wild encounters with a comedy legend, Tommy Davidson. This episode cookin' like baked clams!!  Tell a friend!

Jan 21, 2021

All imma say the queens are kickin butt on our show lately! Another hilarious queen, Ashima Franklin finally pulled up on us!! Tells us some great stories like how she went from waitressing at a comedy club to headlining!! Tell a friend we on again!!

Jan 14, 2021

Cultricaaaaaans! We back! Cheating ass Myron and Dominique Danielle Talk about their social media grind and what big things have come from mastering the craft! Plus hella laughs!! Tell a friend we on again!! #FUNNIESTPODCASTALIVE Follow @tylerchroicles @ronniejordan @reemorod @thesecretgenius @morethancultr on IG...

Jan 7, 2021

Cultricans we back!! something exclusive for yall! U seen the title!! We bout to catch up with our folks B. Simone and Desi Banks to set the record straight! Tell a friend to tell another!! More than Cultr is the brand!! This is the SHOW! We up!! #FUNNIESTPODCASTALIVE Follow @tylerchroicles @ronniejordan @reemorod...